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“Transitions are almost always signs of growth, but they can bring feelings of loss. To get somewhere new, we may have to leave somewhere else behind.” - Fred Rogers

Major life transitions can happen at any point — not just for those of us walking the mompreneur path — and they always bring with them their own unique mixture of emotions.


In my decade’s worth of experience as a psychotherapist, I guided my clients through BIG transitions every single day. And I’ve truly seen it all!


I’ve coached people from all walks of life and in all stages of these massive, emotional, growth-inducing transitions.


This variety of experience is why, in addition to working with moms who own businesses, I also offer life coaching to other select clients going through transitions in different parts of their journeys.

The Three Phases of Transitions 

Phase 1: An Ending

Phase 2: The Neutral Zone

Letting go of an important time in your life can be extremely challenging — especially when we feel like the ending is out of our control.


This phase can occur when...

● Someone close to you passes away.

● A relationship ends — a breakup, a divorce, the end of an important friendship.

● You leave a job, change careers, or retire.

● You sell a home.

● Leave for college.

This is where you find yourself feeling stuck and confused. This is the uncomfortable middle ground. You don't know what to do or how to move forward.


This phase can occur when...

● You are searching for a new job or career path.

● Struggling to move on from a relationship that ended.

● Learning to live without a loved one who has died.

● Looking for a new place to live.

Phase 3: A New Beginning

Beginnings can be exciting, but also scary! In this phase, you’re starting something new and having a number of anxieties or other emotions about it.


This phase can occur when...

● You move to a new city.

● Start a new job.

● Welcome a new baby or a new family member.

● Open a new business.

● Begin a new relationship.

How can I help?

Whatever type of transition you’re walking through, I can help you find your way to the other side of it (because there is always another side...even when it may not feel like it).


If any of these phases or situations resonate with you or if you’re finding your way through another type of transition, reach out now to learn more about how Life Coaching can support you.


Why Work With Me?

As a former psychotherapist of 10 years, I used to be a part of a group private practice. Then, when I found out I was pregnant, my values and priorities changed.


I opened my own business, K Mae Jewelry, around the time my daughter, Ava, arrived on the scene. Once I started really working on my own, I realized how lonely the process could be, and sooner or later the stress and anxiety caught up with me.


I discovered that working as a psychotherapist, becoming pregnant, starting my jewelry business, having my daughter, and launching my business felt like they were all colliding at the same time.


So much change was happening externally. And internally, I felt like I couldn’t keep up.


With all these changes, I felt like I had changed, too, and I felt a bit like I lost myself in the process. But the reality is I never fully transitioned from who I was before becoming a mom into who I was now as a mother, business owner, and life coach.


Now, with my 3 phase process of transition, I help fellow mompreneurs and other special clients internally discover what it means to fully transition into a new role or phase in their lives.


My unique background and variety of experiences with previous patients may be exactly what you need as you walk through this next phase in your journey.

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