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Welcome to

Mom + Entrepreneur


You’re strong as a mother, as ambitious as a business owner, and tired as hell.

Being a mom and owning your own business may or may not have always been the game plan, but now that they are your reality, you’re overwhelmingly grateful to call these titles yours.


But if we’re keeping it real (which we definitely are here), you’re also freaking exhausted. This gig is lonely and overwhelming.

You’re juggling a lot ALL OF THE TIME with little to no breaks and you’re struggling to keep your head above the proverbial water. I totally get it, mama and I’m here to throw you a life-preserver. (All you have to do is grab it!)


Welcome to


I’m Klarissa and I’ve been exactly where you are now

When I left my decade-long career as a psychotherapist to open my jewelry business, K Mae Jewelry, and stay at home with my daughter, I thought all of the pieces were magically falling into place.


But it was so much harder than I ever imagined.


Despite having spent 10 years walking my therapy clients through massive transitions in their own lives, I was struggling to navigate these two major transitions in my own.


Becoming a mom and becoming a business owner are both huge roles to adjust to and honestly, we’re simply not meant to do it by ourselves!


Now, I’m here to help you navigate this time in your journey, so you can rediscover your identity as you embrace (and thrive!) in this amazing new season.


I’m here to support you, mama!


And I’ve come up with a couple of ways to do it, so you can choose the path that best fits your time and your budget right now.

Option 1: The Mompreneur Course


This DIY route lets you set your own pace as you navigate through the transitions of early motherhood and business ownership. How It Works In this course, you will find...


● An 8-module proven methodology for making transitions in your life


● A super supportive community Facebook group


● Access to amazing online learning resources


● Monthly book recommendations to keep you moving forward while also staying grounded.


Your Investment


For this course, you have two options for payment as I know everyone’s budget is different.


Pay In Full for $1700 


Pay in Two Installments of $1000 

Option 2: The Mompreneur Course + 1:1 Coaching

This route gives you everything included in the course PLUS the benefits of 1:1 coaching — which include accountability, guidance, and personalized support. How It Works As a 1-1 coach, I get deep in the trenches of these motherhood and entrepreneurial transitions with you and walk you through my process step by step through...


● A 30min Initial Foundation Coaching Session (Phone or Zoom)


● 8x 45min coaching sessions over 2 months

● Full access to Mompreneur Coaching Course


● Unlimited emails between our sessions


● Everything included in my course (see above)


● ACCOUNTABILITY is what sets options 1 & 2 apart. Your Investment For the course plus coaching, you have two options for payment so you can choose what works best for you.


Pay In Full for $4,500




Pay in Two Installments of $2,500 


Still Not Sure?

This course is for you if you...


● Are a new mom (or hoping to become one soon!)


● Own a business or are in the process of starting one


● Need more support during these lonely transitions as a mompreneur


● Are ready to finally start feeling like yourself again!


This course is not for you if you...


● Are working a traditional 9-5 job or working outside of the home with no plans to open a business


● Don’t have an idea for your business or a plan in place for starting one


● Already feel amazing and don’t need support on this journey (#spoileralert: we all need support!

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