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Where Transition meets Transformation 

Get ready to transform your mindset and belief systems to become a happier, more inspired you!

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Hey, entrepreneurial mama. I see you


Feeling tired, overwhelmed, and stretched way too thin. Struggling to balance being a mom while also running your own business?


Being your own boss and working from home was supposed to be the key that allowed you to find more balance in your life, but this is hard.


I hear you.


I feel you.


And you’re welcome here.

Mama, tell me. Are you...


Feeling guilty every time you sit down to work thinking about how you’re not spending enough quality time with your kid?


 Exhausted from feeling like you are ‘always on?’


Anxious you won’t ever be able to do all of the things on your endless to-do list?


Struggling to be everything to everybody as you juggle which hats you’re wearing all day, every day?

I get it.


Maybe you feel like you never fully transitioned from whom you were before becoming a mom to who you are now.


Maybe you feel like your identity changed the moment that sweet baby was put into your arms.


Maybe you feel like you have gotten lost in the shuffle between becoming a mom and working nonstop.

Let’s be honest. You’re really raising two babies at this moment: your business and your kid.


And both of these roles — mom and entrepreneur — can be extremely isolating.


Working from home on your business may seem like a dream come true on the outside, but what your friends don’t understand is that it’s also a lonely gig. And having a new baby as your only co-worker (while adorable) can make it feel even lonelier and more exhausting.


The good news?


You’re NOT alone.


I’m Klarissa.


Mompreneur, Transitional Life Coach, and Owner of K Mae Jewelry.


As a former psychotherapist, I have a decade’s worth of experience and training in the field of psychology. With my knowledge and background, I’ve helped hundreds of women transition to find their power, whether it be in their role as a mother or in running their own business (or both!).


Also, as a mom who made the decision to leave her traditional workplace behind to pursue business ownership and new motherhood simultaneously, I 100% understand and empathize with the journey you’re currently walking through.


Now, I’ve combined these two pieces of myself to help you transition into this new phase of your life as well. And don’t worry, we’ll make sure you still hold on to what makes you YOU in the process.


As a Transitional Life Coach, it is my mission to help mompreneurs consciously integrate their roles of being a mom and a business owner. I do this by expertly and compassionately guiding them through the process of these life transitions.

My Philosophy


I believe you can thrive as both a mom and an entrepreneur. You do NOT have to live in a place of survival mode. You also don’t have to lose precious parts of yourself as you transition into this new season of your life. You are worthy. You are brave. You are stronger than you know. And you are still the incredible, gorgeous woman you were before. You have the ability to turn any “why” in your life into a “why not.”

I believe we can do this together through...

● Real conversations and vulnerability.

● Doing our own work.

● Living a conscious life.

Are you ready?

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3450 Cahuenga Blvd W Los Angeles, CA 90068

​​Tel: 310-956-4540

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