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Retail Space in a Pandemic World


Everybody has it. Everybody goes through it.

But when you are in it, it feel like you are stuck in a hole.

When COID-19 hit the world and we were faced to go on lock down in March 2020, I defiantly had some self-doubt about launching a rose gold jewelry line. I had just put together my website and was excited to launch. When the world shuts down I questioned whether this was the right decision. Of course I didn’t anticipate this happening, but I just put my head down and continue to build up my website and social media.

Pounding the pavement. While in the back of my mind I was thinking

‘Who the heck is gonna buy rose gold at this time?’

‘Was this a smart decision to do?

‘No one is even going out. They won’t buy jewelry!’

‘People are losing their jobs. They will only buy their essential needs. Not rose gold.’

‘Why did I chose to sell a luxury item versus an essential need?’

The list goes on.

As the two week lockdown became months and months of quarantine I started to doubt myself and my business more and more. Even though I had told all my friends and family it seemed like everyone was just trying to survive.

My business took a hard pivot when I had the idea to sell Mask Chains. We all had to wear masks and it seemed like it was something that was going to be staying for awhile. Why not make it look chic?

At the beginning of my jewelry design phase I had been obsessing about eyeglass chains. You know the dorky ones your teacher wore in the 80’s and 90’s. But I had a vision that it could be worn in a way that looked stylish.

The only difference between eyeglass chain and a mask chain was simply adding rubber eyeglass loops. Which by the way I don’t know why no one has made chicer looking eyeglass loops.

Of course I never invisoned my brand to sell mask chains. But what kept coming in my mind was how do we innovate during this time. Once the mask market became saturated so did the mask chains. I felt like I was faced with competition ahead.

I know that mask chains aren’t going to be forever, but its the versatility that got me. Even if we weren’t wearing masks anymore it could always be there for your eyeglasses/sunglasses. I felt I had to go with what was needed.

The changes in our world will be constant. So much change had happened with just the pandemic itself. I was a new mother with a 5 month old, left my career as a psychotherapist, started my own business and had to learn how to co-parent and no help. Talk about change and transitions.

Will I have self-doubt from time to time? Yes.

Will I manage to figure out what to do? Yes.

Do I have my own therapist and coach? Yes and yes :)

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