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I’m Dr. Klarissa, and I help women like you transition into their authentic selves.

I’m a former psychotherapist with a private practice for over 10 years and am now offering one-on-one coaching for women through my signature program.


I want you to experience a life full of joy, happiness, and empowerment, and I’m here to help make sure that becomes your reality.


I have always been drawn to a career that allows me to work in the service of others. My time as a psychotherapist tapped into this inner passion, and while I did earn a BA in psychology at the Loyola University of Chicago in 2008, I quickly realized that education alone wasn’t enough.


That’s why in 2018, I decided to explore my creativity and passion for connecting women to their inner power by launching my own jewelry brand called K Mae Jewelry. My transition from psychotherapy into the world of business required adjustment on my part, but it was a transformation I am so glad I took on. My change into the world of jewelry was a natural transition from helping people in my office to helping people help themselves!

You see, I built my jewelry brand on my belief that women everywhere deserve to feel empowered, believe they belong, and discover their potential. I infused every piece of rose gold jewelry with my intense conviction that every woman has breathtaking potential. K Mae Jewelry went on to be featured in British Vogue and Vanity Fair and remains a large part of my life.


In 2019, I faced yet another transition—motherhood! It was a miracle. Motherhood changed my life and made me determined to diversify my path, combining my love for psychotherapy and jewelry. I felt this transformation required more from me. One that ensured my daughter would have all the love and support she needs to travel her own path to eventually become a successful, empowered woman. It was this dramatic change in my life that would motivate me to start coaching other women to find their empowerment and make the world a better place for my daughter to grow up in.


And so, in 2020 I launched Breakthrough Coaching with Dr. Klarissa.


Empowerment & Transformation Coaching


Compassion, understanding, and a personalized approach are necessary for women to experience real breakthroughs.


The struggle with depression, anxiety, and major life transitions affects all of us. But how we are affected is a deeply personal experience. That’s where supportive, personalized guidance can help.


And as your coach, I create a safe environment where you feel truly free to transform into your most authentic self no matter what life is throwing your direction.

Through my one-on-one coaching, you and I will work together to align your life with your purpose over the course of two months. Together we’ll explore empowering resources that take you to a new perspective and help you move through life’s transitions effortlessly.

If you’re more of a “Do-It-Yourself” woman, I also offer an empowering inclusive DIY Coaching program that utilizes 8 proven modules to draw you closer to your authentic self. Work through my resources independently on your own schedule and come out on the other side with a new take on how incredible you really are.


As a coach, my goal is to give you the resources, tools, and support you need to live your best life and take on challenges head-on. I believe in each of my clients wholeheartedly, and know you have the strength to experience a life that nourishes your inner being. Sometimes all you need is a supportive space and a little guidance to get you there.

Feel seen and heard. Experience empowerment to reach your highest potential. It’s time to take the next step.


Let me use my clinical psychology training to help you peer deeper within and experience life to its fullest.


Let’s collaborate.


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